This method provides students with a tool to develop their arguments and opinions. It helps them clarify their thoughts and articulate and present their opinions clearly and concisely. The P.R.E.S. method provides a useful format for conducting controversial issue discussions and public policy lessons.


  1. Post or provide a handout with the four steps in the P.R.E.S. method.
    • (P) State your point of view
    • (R) Give one reason for your point of view
    • (E) Give an example to clarify your reason
    • (S) Summarize your point of view
  2. Clarify the steps and answer any questions. Give an example of each step. An example of the formula is:
    • (P) I am opposed to people smoking inside.
    • (R) Smoking is unhealthy for the smoker as well as the non-smokers in the room.
    • (E) Research has showed that second-hand smoke causes cancer.
    • (S) I am opposed to people smoking inside because of the negative health impact on non-smokers.
  3. Ask volunteers to practice the P.R.E.S. method on an issue of their choosing. If necessary, further clarify the process/method.
  4. Introduce the discussion topic that is the focus of the lesson.