Roya Bauman is Street Law, Inc.'s Accounting and Communications Manager. 

Roya wears two important hats at Street Law: Accounting Manager—where she assists with bookkeeping and human resources—and Communications Manager—where she helps spread the word about Street Law.

After earning a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The George Washington University, she spent several years as a consultant in the corporate sector. She then followed her heart’s call to work in the nonprofit world. “I enjoy supporting the people who go out into the field and help others make change. I’m excited to spread the word about the good work Street Law does.”

Roya comes from a culturally mixed-up family (military upbringing; half Iranian, half Brooklyn; Jewish background, practicing Baha’i). She has lived in numerous states and countries and has relatives and friends all over the planet. She views herself as a citizen of the world. And she likes sloths.

When not working, Roya likes to sing, both professionally and on a volunteer basis, in multiple genres; discuss spiritual topics; go to coffee shops (although she drinks mostly tea); travel the world; and hang out with her teenaged daughters.