Jim Burch is the President of the National Police Foundation.

He oversees the Foundation’s efforts to advance policing through innovations in practice and technology.

Jim Burch joined the Police Foundation in early 2015, serving as the Foundation’s Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Executive Vice President, overseeing the Foundation’s U.S.-based and International efforts to advance policing through the Foundation’s strategic programs, including research projects and training and technical assistance portfolios. Mr. Burch has initiated and led the Foundation’s efforts to identify and promote innovations in policing, including emerging technologies and policy alternatives. As a result of these efforts and others, the Foundation’s organizational capacity and public and private revenues have increased substantially each year, with overall funding revenues more than doubling from 2014 to 2018. During a short tenure as Interim President, Mr. Burch worked together with NPF staff to identify more than $2 million in overall cost savings initiatives, achieved the highest GuideStar Charity Rating of “Platinum”, and was awarded funding for a major enhancement of the NPF’s policing initiatives in Latin America. As a result of these accomplishments, the Foundation has vastly expanded engagement with federal, state and local law enforcement and policymakers and with communities across the Nation, further enabling the Foundation’s mission of advancing policing through innovation and science.

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