Deepak Dutt is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. He is also the retired Vice President, Treasurer and Investor Relations Officer for EchoStar Corporation.

In addition to his treasury role, Deepak wasEchoStar’s primary point of contact with current and potential equity and debt investors. Previously, Deepak was Treasurer and Investor Relations Officer for Hughes Network Systems. For part of his career with Hughes, Deepak was seconded on a foreign assignment and served as Chief Financial Officer for a start-up telephone company promoted by Hughes based in Mumbai, India. Deepak led the team that financed the company and also subsequently negotiated the successful sale of the company. Upon EchoStar acquiring Hughes, Deepak took over responsibility for EchoStar’s treasury and investor relations functions.

Prior to joining Hughes, Deepak worked for many years at IBM Corporation in the US and abroad, serving in various roles of increasing responsibility including general management, sales and marketing, business planning, and finance. Deepak earned his engineering degree from the University of Poona, India.