Bianca Rizzio is Street Law, Inc.'s Program Coordinator. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bianca is Street Law’s Program Coordinator, spending much of her time supporting the success of the Teacher Professional Development and Legal Diversity Pipeline programs.

Bianca joined the team from Vermont, where she studied psychology as a first-generation college student and went on to work in the juvenile and restorative justice field. She spent many years advocating for alternatives to punitive systems, working to reduce exclusionary discipline in schools and helping divert juvenile cases out of court. She has also led skill-building classes for youth in foster care and/or on probation to help reduce recidivism and cultivate empathy. Her most meaningful professional experiences were facilitating restorative processes with those who caused harm, were harmed, and the community, in lieu of prosecuting a young person who broke the law.

She comes to Street Law having seen the value of civic engagement and skills education on the ground. She is excited to continue working at the intersection of youth and the legal system through programs that help educate and empower young people, support those who work with them, and foster community.

Bianca enjoys podcasts, making her own hot sauce, and playing guitar. As a true Vermonter, she always appreciates a flannel and a good hike.