Ben Steele is Street Law, Inc.'s Senior Development Manager. 

Pronouns: he/him/his

Ben heads up Street Law’s development and fundraising efforts, building relationships with donors and implementing fundraising strategies. He is the lead planner of Street Law’s annual Awards Dinner and serves as the liaison between Street Law’s staff and Board of Directors.

Having taken a Street Law-type class in middle school, Ben then majored in American Studies and Sociology at Reed College. This primed him to want to help others have the same type of educational experiences as he did.

He is inspired by “… knowing that the work that I do has a positive impact on those less fortunate than me. I couldn’t work in a setting where my work didn’t lead to this outcome.”

When Ben isn’t working, he’s traveling (recent stops: Peru and China), planning his next trip, cooking (and eating), and binge-watching Netflix.