Allison Cohen is an Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Philosophy teacher at Langley High School in McLean, VA.

She also sponsors Langley’s Case Day program, where students engage in a mock oral argument of a case on the Supreme Court’s docket, complemented by presentations and debates on issues associated with the case. Allison has been involved in Street Law’s programs for many years now and is committed to preserving and enhancing civics education in our schools.

Allison is also a member of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization) where she dedicates her efforts to bringing quality philosophy curricula to high schools across the nation. She is focused on improving the critical thinking skills of all students and providing strategies to integrate ethics instruction across the curriculum. Allison has presented papers at several national conferences on topics such as: critical thinking, argument diagramming, affirmative action, and genetic engineering.

Allison received her B.A. and M.A.Ed. from The College of William and Mary.