The fall 2016 Term of the Supreme Court is shaping up to be relatively mild, given the exciting and controversial issues the Court dealt with in recent years. The docket is small, and many of the cases are likely to be decided on the basis of narrow legal issues. Some commentators have suggested that the Court is choosing to avoid big, dramatic cases while they have only 8 justices. Whatever the reason, there currently aren’t many cases scheduled that lend themselves well to moot courts in a typical high school classroom. For that reason, the fall 2016 SCOTUS in the Classroom feature is not a moot court, as usual, but rather, a focus on the open seat on the Court. (Stay tuned for moot courts later in the year; we hope to post winter and spring cases.)

We’re encouraging teachers to dig into this issue a bit this fall—by examining the process of nominating a new justice to the Court and the peculiar 2016 politics that have led to Justice Scalia’s seat being left vacant for so long. And we’re providing a bevy of resources to help you do just that! 

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