Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and Classroom Guide to Moot Courts

At the time of this guide’s first incarnation in the late 1970s, practical education about the law was an innovation with potential. Today, thanks to the efforts of countless teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists, judges, lawyers, law students, police officers, state and national civic education leaders, and, most of all, students, education about law and government is flourishing in classrooms throughout the United States and beyond. Mock trials and moot courts have always been a favorite of the civic education community. Consequently, this guide draws upon the successes of more than 50 years of using these teaching methods.

Special contributions to the 2021 editions of the Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and the Classroom Guide to Moot Courts include:

  • Cathy Ruffing, Street Law’s Senior Director of Teacher Professional Development and Curriculum, led and oversaw the 2021 revisions.
  • Amy Wallace provided expert legal review of all lessons and authored several lessons. She is a professor at New York Law School where she teaches Advanced Legal Methods, director of the Summer Bridge program for the Charter High School for Law & Social Justice, Street Law Leadership Circle member, and consult to Street Law on many projects.
  • Shelina Warren provided expert educator review of all lessons. She is a social studies teacher at Dunbar High School in Washington, DC, director of the Eleanor Holmes Norton Law and Public Policy Academy, and Street Law Leadership Circle member.
  • Dan Bachman provided expert educator review of all lessons. He is a teacher and mock trial coach at Massapequa High School in New York and Street Law Leadership Circle member.
  • Joe Atkins provided expert legal review of the mock trial lessons. He is an attorney with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender and Street Law Leadership Circle member.
  • Mike Ciatti, a partner in King & Spalding’s Washington office, and his colleagues Alexander Kazam and Marisa Maleck, provided expert legal review of the moot court lessons. Mike serves on Street Law’s Board of Directors.
  • Classroom teachers and Street Law program alumni Melissa Webster, Marko Markolovic, MaryAnne Christy, and Cheryl Gannaway provided thoughtful input into the structure and content of the revised lessons.
  • Street Law, Inc. staff members Erica Wang, Ben Marks, and Allison Hawkins reviewed, edited, formatted, and created graphics for all lessons.
  • Maryliz Andere provided student review of the mock trials. She is a 2021 graduate of Herndon High School in Virginia and a spring 2021 Street Law intern.  
  • Jakob Littell, a student at Amherst College and summer 2021 Street Law intern, proofread and provided a student review of the moot court lessons.
  • McGraw Hill Education and Mike Gee, Vice President, Humanities Academic Design, who made these revisions possible by generously reverting publishing rights to Street Law, Inc. Mike serves on Street Law’s board of directors.  
  • Charisma X. Howell, Visiting Associate Professor and Street Law Director at Georgetown University Law Center, generously provides access to the mock trials developed each year by Georgetown Street Law fellows.  

The 2021 editions would not be possible without the contributions of the following people toward the original 2004 Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and Moot Courts:   

  • Alexandra M. Ashbrook, former Senior Program Director of Street Law, Inc. and author of the 2004 edition of Street Law’s Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and Moot Courts.
  • Patricia McGuire, the editor of the first edition of Street Law Mock Trial Manual from which the 2004 guide draws heavily.
  • Lee Arbetman and Ed O’Brien, former Executive Directors of Street Law, Inc., who provided encouragement, thoughtful comments, and guidance.
  • Terri Engler of the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, who generously allowed us to draw from the “Illinois Supplement to Street Law: A Course in Practical Law.”
  • Susan Spiegel, an attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, who shared materials for the evidence lessons.
  • Maria Trementozzi, former Street Law Teacher-in-Residence.
  • Rebecca Small, Fairfax County Public Schools Educational Specialist (Virginia) and former teacher who provided insight for the moot court lessons.
  • Former Street Law, Inc. staff, especially Lena Morreale Scott for her contributions to the jury lesson and Teresita Perez for her edits.
  • Steve Jenkins, Margaret Fisher, Nancy Eshman, Nancy Switkes, Vivian Mills, and Andrew Pannell for their help on the mock trials in this manual.
  • Courtney Logan, former Street Law law student intern, for her thorough review of the manual.
  • And Professor Rick Roe of the Washington, D.C. Street Law Project of the Georgetown University Law Center and his fellows, in particular Suzan Glickman, Stuart Grossman, and Kamina Pinder, for sharing the D.C. Street Law Project trials that have withstood the test of time.