Police & Teens Program

Street Law is committed to updating the Police & Teens Program to ensure an equitable model that reflects the voices of the young people and communities it serves. Our goal is to facilitate and encourage exploratory dialogue that builds empathy, awareness, and trust between students and law enforcement officers and uplifts the voices of young people who are most vulnerable to racism and injustice. 

By evolving to ensure an equitable program model and a curriculum that reflects the voices of the young people and communities it serves, the Police & Teens Program will allow police and school resource officers, school districts and educators, prosecutors, community organizations, and other child-serving stakeholders to bring their unique perspective to helping students build knowledge, skills, and confidence to become civically engaged community members.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about partnering with Street Law to receive our Police & Teens training and curriculum.  

Street Law has a rich history of partnering with police officers to teach young people about the law. Police officers are well positioned to help bring the law to life for young people through real-world examples and experiences. Both police officers and young people benefit from programming that can build trust and respect between each other.

This program prepares school resource officers and community police officers to co-teach lessons with a classroom teacher or community educator. It equips officers with the curriculum, teaching strategies, and confidence to be effective instructors of lessons on law, crime, public policy, police procedures, community policing, personal safety, and health.

We work directly with police departments and school systems to implement the Police & Teens program. Our expert staff trains the officers, identifies curricular fit (for school programs), supplies the 20-lesson curriculum, and offers ongoing technical assistance to officers throughout their journey as educators.

Street Law for Police & Teens Lesson Plans

Our Police & Teens curriculum is not currently available for individual purchase.* Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about partnering with Street Law to receive our Police & Teens training and curriculum.  

This four-unit, 20-lesson plan curriculum is easy to follow and full of group discussions and hands-on activities that help participants explore the roles and responsibilities of both police officers and members of the community. The result is an open, two-way dialogue that builds awareness, respect, empathy, and understanding--in addition to legal knowledge and civic skills. (Learn more about Street Law's commitment and approach to quality curriculum.)

* If you are a current Police & Teens partner or purchaser, you will continue to have access to your materials.

Lesson Index 

Unit One: Community Policing—Working Together for Safer Communities & Schools
  1. Making Our Communities Safer Together
  2. Cops on Call & on the Beat
  3. Introduction to the Rule of Law
  4. Community Policing & the Rule of Law
  5. Crime Scene: Are You a Good Witness?
Unit Two: Police Procedures/Your Rights & Responsibilities
  1. Traffic Stops: Your Rights & Responsibilities
  2. Police Searches: Lawful Procedures & Fourth Amendment Protections
  3. Police Searches in Schools
  4. Rights & Responsibilities During an Arrest
  5. Use of Force or Deadly Force
Unit Three: Crimes, Law, & Policy
  1. Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  2. Writing, Interpreting, & Enforcing Laws
  3. Restorative Justice & Supporting Victims of Crime
  4. Racial Profiling
  5. Evaluating Solutions to End Racial Profiling
Unit Four: Personal Safety and Health
  1. Bullying & Intimidation
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Alcohol, Risk, & Liability
  4. Dating & Sexual Assault
  5. Child Abuse & Neglect: Reducing Risk. Building Resilience.

The Walmart legal department funded a pilot of the Police & Teens Program in Little Rock, Arkansas. This program is a collaborative effort with the Little Rock Police Department, Little Rock School District, North Little Rock Police Department, and North Little Rock Schools.  



Jill Adams

Program Manager