New Perspectives Deliberation Training

Our New Perspectives deliberation trainings prepare secondary teachers from across content areas to master the use of deliberative discussion in their classrooms in order to build positive relationships across differences.

New Perspectives was designed in response to reports from teachers that their communities and classrooms feel divisive and polarized and that students (and adults) struggle to talk and listen to one another.

Deliberation teaches people how to discuss controversial issues by carefully considering multiple perspectives and searching for consensus. In preparation for deliberations, all participants read common, balanced background information on the issue. During the discourse, they offer arguments for each position on a contested public issue, first drawing from the text and then bringing in their own experiences. (Learn more about the deliberation model.)

Deliberation Training

Street Law can provide training for teachers in your school or district to become expert facilitators in deliberative discussion. Deliberations are suitable for all secondary grade levels and many content areas. Our interactive trainings will always include participation in a deliberation and opportunities for teachers to discuss and adapt the process. We can also add in sessions connecting the deliberative process to social and emotional learning, interdisciplinary effective practices, and/or initiatives from your school or district. 

We can also provide training to support bringing deliberations to broader school communities. Community deliberations support civic engagement and foster public dialogue across differences.

2018-2019 Pilot Program

26 New Perspectives teacher fellows were selected from the Denver, CO, Washington, DC, and Omaha, NE, metropolitan areas to participate in the program's inaugural year. The fellowship aims to provide teachers with training to help people with different beliefs and backgrounds converse with one another about important issues in a civil and productive way. 

The teacher fellows participated in a training institute with experts in the field. Upon returning home, the fellows organize and facilitate four deliberations for students; two of the four deliberations will include adult members of the wider community deliberating with and alongside students.

Free Resource Library

Street Law has developed a robust library of Deliberation resources including materials for several Deliberation topics, social-emotional learning resources to support students as they participate in Deliberations, and an instructional video and handouts to help teachers and students understand the Deliberation process. (Learn more about Street Law's commitment and approach to quality curriculum.)

Free Resource Library


Jen Wheeler

Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curriculum