Educator Training

Research has shown that the single most important factor in determining educational quality is the quality of the teaching. Therefore, we believe that training of teachers and other education providers is a critical element of nearly all high-quality programs. In civic and public legal education, teacher training is especially important—the teaching methodology must be uniquely participatory in order to empower students to civically participate in their societies.

Street Law’s designs and implements a variety of training programs both in the U.S. and around the world. Our programs provide teachers with both an overview of the important concepts and best practices in their field as well as a plethora of practical tools that they can utilize in their classrooms immediately.

Street Law trainings are unique in that they bridge the gap between research-backed best practices and educational program and activity management. We recognize that teachers not only have to know and effectively teach the curriculum content, they also must manage tasks such as assessments and administrative duties. As educators ourselves, we are always conscious of the realities of being in the classroom and we ensure that our teacher training is practical, applicable, and relevant. We meet educators where they are and incrementally help build their skills and confidence both inside the classroom and out.

Street Law approaches all trainings of civic and legal educators with one ultimate goal in mind: to increase student participation and engagement in their communities and societies. In the same way that lecturing students about the legal principles and economic facts does not empower them to engage in their communities, talking at teachers about interactive pedagogy does not prepare them to actually use those participatory teaching methods.

To break these habits, our trainings demonstrate first-hand the techniques that we promote. If you walk into a Street Law training, you won’t find participants sitting in rows quietly taking notes. Everybody is up and moving, 

Street Law’s experienced staff of trainers can provide technical training to a number of audiences. Many of our trainings are designed for civics teachers—particularly at the secondary school level—and take the form of in-service teacher professional development. However, we also work with educational NGOs and teacher training institutes to provide training of trainer workshops and support. We even consult with governments and ministries of education around the world to help them design and implement better teacher education programs for the educators that they serve. If there is a need to provide support to civic educators, Street Law can help.


Jennifer Whatley

Chief Program Officer