Developing Teaching Materials:

Street Law is a leading expert in the development of civic and law-related teaching materials. We have written two full-length textbooks that are published by McGraw-Hill Education. Our original groundbreaking textbook, Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (now in its 9th edition) is used in high school classrooms across the United States to help students learn about and confidently interact with U.S. legal processes. United States Government: Our Democracy, an innovative text also for high school classrooms published in 2018, helps educators teach students about government and how to “do democracy.”

Outside of the United States, we have worked with partners around the world to develop context- and country-specific resources for teachers and learners. Our texts and resources cover topics such as democracy, human rights, rule of law, and law enforcement, all in a customized and culturally appropriate way. With experience developing resources for every kind of country context, Street Law is well equipped to create powerful and impactful educational resources for teachers and students.

Street Law is a small organization, but we make materials that deliver a huge impact. We do this through our due diligence and research and careful quality control, always with an eye towards the relevance and applicability of the final product. With decades of resource development experience and a veritable library of past work, we are well-equipped to develop a wide variety of teaching and learning materials.

We take a boutique approach to resource development. Rather than hiring a huge group of writers who never get to interact with the ultimate beneficiaries of the work, we rely on a small team of exceptional individuals who fully immerse themselves in the culture, context, and content of the product. We build relationships with our partners and take pride in knowing the people and the organizations that we work with. And without the burden of a massive organizational administration weighing us down, we get our projects started and completed quickly and efficiently.

Street Law recognizes that every society and educational system is unique, and they should have educational resources that reflect their distinctiveness. Therefore, we go to great lengths to contextualize everything we write. We believe it's best to rely on in-country partner organizations who understand the local context and content better than we ever could. By partnering with local subject matter experts and educational organizations, we fuse our general expertise with their country- and culture-specific expertise.

We also recognize that teaching resources—even great ones—are not a replacement for a good teacher. They are tools that allow teachers to make their classes better. Our teaching resources are full of activities, games, and techniques that push teachers to use interactive methods and create a participatory classroom environment. And whenever possible, we always pair the distribution of our resources with teacher training or training of trainer workshops.

With our talented in-house team and our expansive network of educational experts, we find the perfect person to work on every resource development project. We convene experts to determine who will use curriculum, how they will use it, and to what end. We design resources with their implementation in mind, thinking about how the students who learn from the textbook will be affected.

We have specific subject matter expertise in developing teaching and learning materials related to human rights, democracy, rule of law, and country-specific legal issues. We have hundreds of existing materials that can be adapted and applied to contexts around the world and have the capacity and experience to create new, custom-designed resources.


Jennifer Whatley

Chief Program Officer