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This teacher professional development institute brings a select group of high school social studies teachers to Washington, DC, for an immersive six days of educational activities related to teaching about the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Institute is co-sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society.

The application for the 2019 Supreme Court Summer Institute is now open. 


These teacher professional development seminars give teachers the opportunity to explore current issues in civics and government while practicing strategies for building students’ civic skills. 

Our New Perspectives deliberation trainings prepare secondary teachers from across content areas to master the use of deliberative discussion in their classrooms in order to build positive relationships across differences. 

Street Law works directly with schools and school districts to design custom professional development for middle and high school social studies teachers to improve their subject-area knowledge and help them use effective teaching strategies.

Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Programs partner law firms and corporate legal departments with nearby, diverse high school classes. Through classroom visits and a field trip to the law firm or legal department, volunteers teach lessons and lead activities designed to increase students' knowledge and interest in the law and legal careers. 

This Pipeline Program can serve as one component of comprehensive diversity efforts led by companies and law firms.  

Street Law implements this program with support and collaboration from two national partners: NALP and the Association of Corporate Counsel

Street Law partners with organizations and agencies to empower society's most vulnerable people with the legal knowledge and civic skills needed to succeed as adults, combat inequality, and participate effectively in their communities.

High school-level Street Law courses strive to empower young people to be active, engaged citizens by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully participate and create change in their communities. The following pages are intended to support teachers wishing to start a new high school law course or strengthen an existing one.

During the 2018-19 Term, Street Law will select the most classroom-relevant, student-friendly cases argued at the U.S. Supreme Court. We provide support for you to conduct moot courts of each, including a case summary and moot court instructions.  

Mooting a current SCOTUS case can provide a great tie-in to your curriculum, while highlighting current, newsworthy events.

The first case of the Term is Timbs v. Indiana.

Street Law has worked with partners on six continents to develop a series of 14 lessons to teach young people about the basic elements of rule of law using its signature, interactive, skill-building methodology. 

Street Law is currently designing a roll-out of this program with civil society partners around the globe.

Our Police & Teens Program prepares and equips police officers to teach young people about the law in high schools and community settings. Its collaborative, dialogue-based approach helps build awareness, respect, empathy, and understanding between police officers and youth.

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