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Street Law is much more than a single organization—it is a term used around the world to describe educational programs and curricula that teach people about practical law and democracy. The composition of Street Law’s global footprint is diverse and includes the following programs and activities: 

Street Law, Inc. Program Sites

Street Law, Inc. coordinates hundreds of program sites across the U.S. that build participants’ legal knowledge and civics skills in classroom and community settings. Street Law, Inc. was directly involved in the design, training, and implementation of each of these programs, which include Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, Police & Teens Program, and Legal Life Skills Program sites. This map reflects program sites that have been active during the past year. 

Additionally, educators who attended our Teacher Professional Development Programs came from 34 states across the country, and our resources were downloaded by people from all 50 states and beyond.

International Programs

Over the past three decades, Street Law, Inc. has implemented a range of projects throughout Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We’ve helped ministries of education, universities, and community organizations build practical legal education programs, train educators, and develop teaching and learning resources. While we no longer work directly in many of these countries, the local capacity that we helped build lives on. 

This map reflects our activities outside of the United States since 1986, when Street Law first launched its International Programs. Click on the map areas highlighted in yellow to learn more. 

Law School Network

Since the first Street Law program began at Georgetown in 1972, law schools around the globe have developed their own programs based on the Georgetown model. The more than 200 law school-based Street Law programs operate independently of Street Law, Inc. We are active in the network, participating in global gatherings, developing resources, and providing start-up advice to law schools wishing to start a Street Law program of their own.

This is not a complete list of law school-based Street Law programs. To suggest an edit or to add your law school's program, please contact us at web@streetlaw.org

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