Street Law, Inc. provides scores of high-quality lesson plans and teaching materials to law school programs around the globe. We are a global leader in the development of law-related curricula and have more than 40 years of experience developing interactive, student-centered lesson plans on law, democracy, human rights, public policy, crime prevention, conflict resolution, and youth advocacy. 

Street Law's Free Resource Library

In addition to our materials, this section includes links to other organizations who provide lesson plans and other helpful resources. It also connects you to other law school programs—Georgetown University Law Center, Seattle University School of Law, and University of Washington School of Law—that have generously provided teaching materials developed by law students participating in Street Law. 

As you explore the resources listed below, please keep in mind that it may be necessary to adapt materials to include state law and local laws and meet students’ special needs.

More from Street Law, Inc. 

  •  In partnership with the Supreme Court Historical Society, Street Law publishes, a website devoted to interactive teaching materials about 17 landmark Supreme Court cases. 
    • TIP: Every state has a list of Supreme Court cases that students are required to study, so classroom teachers might welcome the assistance of a law student teaching some of the required cases.
  • The Deliberating in a Democracy program has developed materials for teaching about a variety of controversial issues using the deliberation process. Instructions on leading classroom deliberations, lessons on democracy, and topic specific materials are available. 

From Participating Law Schools

Additional Resources

The links below will provide you will additional lesson plans, teaching materials, or other resources that might be helpful in developing your own lesson plans. Note: These resources were not developed by Street Law, Inc. or our participating law schools.

Lesson Plans

Resources for Lesson Plan Development

Diversity Pipeline Resources

  • An initiative of LSAC to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to discover career opportunities in law and choose a path in undergraduate school to help them succeed.
  • Choose Law: An initiative of the Young Lawyers’ Division of the ABA that encourages individuals of color to become attorneys.