In order to succeed in the classroom, program coordinators must prepare their law students. We've broken this preparation down into six crucial steps that, combined with a solid law student orientation, will help ensure that your law students are ready to teach. 

Steps for Preparing Law Students to Teach

  1. Roles: Understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the program
  2. Methods & Materials: Master interactive methods and select/create teaching materials
  3. Teaching Skills: Practice and develop essential teaching skills
  4. Teams: Divide into teams
  5. Site Preparation: Prepare for their teaching site
  6. On-site Teacher: Work effectively with the on-site teacher/site coordinator

Law Student Orientation

Program coordinators should hold an orientation to introduce the newly recruited law students to the program elements and to begin to develop teaching skills. 

The orientation should be the first of your program's regularly scheduled meetings.