By gaining the support of multiple law school offices and decision makers, the program will continue to be funded, staff time dedicated to the program will increase, and the program will become an integral part of the law school's curriculum. Here are some tips and techniques. 

Involve Stakeholders

  • Invite key people at the law school or alumni to participate in activities with the law students and high school students. They can serve as resource people, guest professionals, or mock trial judges. Getting them involved will provide them with a hands-on experience with the program; they will clearly see the benefits of the Street Law program. If you involve alumni, contact the alumni office to let them know, and encourage the alumni to tell the office if they felt it was a worthwhile experience.
  • Invite decision makers to attend a semester‐launching or --concluding reception with law students and the classroom teachers.
  • If the teachers or high school principal have good things to say about the program, make sure the news reaches law school stakeholders.

Involve Key Offices

  • Identify offices that could simultaneously strengthen the program and increase law school buy‐in. Consider the admissions office, the office of career services, diversity office, and others.
  • Invite people from those offices/departments to participate in the program.
  • Get to know the university's community relations office and make sure they know about your program.

Connect the Program Outcomes to Law School Mission

  • Find the law school's diversity statement or mission and outline the ways in which the Street Law program accomplishes components of the mission.
  • Examine the standards for law school accreditation to find connections between accreditation and the Street Law program.

Garner Good Publicity

  • Submit a press release about program activities to local media outlets.
  • Publish stories about the program in law school publications.
  • Put photos and highlights on the program's web page.
  • Use social media to spread the word!