Each school has a unique student population. The Street Law curriculum includes a wide array of legal topics that you can choose from in order to best meet the needs of your students. For example, if your student population includes a significant number of first or second-generation American students, you might include a unit of study on immigration law. If your school emphasizes the performing arts, a unit of study on intellectual property rights would be a great addition. 

Many Street Law instructors also include legal topics that might be controversial to offer multiple points of view or perspectives. Controversial legal topics can draw student interest and broaden understanding and tolerance. At the same time, teachers should strive to use materials that provide a balanced view of the judicial and political system. Choosing topics that strike a balance between controversy and impartiality can create a classroom environment that promotes thoughtful and considerate discourse.

Finally, when choosing legal topics, issues, and cases for your Street Law class, it's essential to be considerate of the unique demographic and social needs of your student population. Some topics might evoke too much controversy. With some cases, students might struggle to relate to the central issue of the case. Ultimately, you are in the best position to know what is best for your students, and the Street Law curriculum offers tremendous topic choice and flexibility.