Monday, May 20, 2019

Street Law Welcomes Summer Interns

This week, Street Law welcomes our summer interns!

Daniella Blake-Aranbayeva (L) is a rising junior at American University, majoring in interdisciplinary studies (communications, legal institutions, economics, and government) and minoring in international relations. She learned about our summer college student internship through her social studies teacher at Rockville High School, Beth Seabreeze, a long-time friend of Street Law. Daniella’s interest in politics and law has drawn her to internships like this one; previous experiences include a stint in the offices of congressman John Delaney. Having parents who are hard of hearing has made her acutely aware of policies and legal systems that could use improvement. Daniella is assisting with logistics and material preparation for the Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers. Fun fact: Daniella speaks four languages—English, Russian, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Rebecca Sachs (C) studied at Washington College in Chestertown, MD, and has just completed her second year at The George Washington University Law School. Initially a journalism major in college, Rebecca’s classes such as “The Politics of Inequality”—which highlighted problematic laws regarding issues of race, religion, gender, and sexuality—piqued her interest in law and political science. During her first year of law school, Rebecca volunteered for GW Law’s Street Law program, helping with mock trials and teaching the basics of criminal law to high school students. Coming from a family of teachers and having previously completed a publishing internship, she felt that this opportunity was a good fit. Rebecca's primary role at Street Law is creating materials and planning for the Supreme Court Summer Institute and the Summer Institute for Law Teachers. Fun fact: Rebecca has a one-eyed cat named Mocha.

Chanel Sherrod (R) is a rising second-year student at Howard University School of Law. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Chanel completed her undergraduate degree at University of North Carolina - Charlotte with a major in political science and sociology and a minor in Holocaust, genocide, and human rights studies. She calls herself lucky to have had the opportunities she’s had; moving from Greensboro to Charlotte to Washington, DC has opened her eyes to how opportunity differs for different people, and how that affects their lives. Chanel was attracted to Street Law’s outreach orientation and how we try to work with students while they’re still young. Chanel is working on the Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, editing lessons and helping fact-check legal terms and definitions. She also will be researching cases for the Supreme Court Summer Institute. Fun fact: Chanel loves Hitchcock movies.

Welcome to all three summer interns!