Monday, January 28, 2019

Los Angeles Legal Life Skills Program Serves Survivors of Domestic Violence

Street Law's Legal Life Skills Program—which brings empowering law-related education to the populations that need it most—is active in multiple locations across the country, including at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. 

In an article entitled, "New Loyola Social Justice Programs Address Needs of Underserved," the school highlights some of the ways it reaches out into the surrounding community to aid those with few resources at their disposal.

"In fall 2017, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles debuted the Street Law Teaching Practicum and Workers’ Rights Clinic to address the divergent needs of two underserved communities. Both programs send Loyola students out in the community helping those without other resources to resolve challenging financial and employment issues....

"The Street Law Teaching Practicum was inspired by Adjunct Professor Judith Schwartz-Behar.... Schwartz-Behar found herself regularly providing referrals for mental health and other ancillary services to women seeking divorces, but one client’s question about her financial situation highlighted the complexity of the challenges domestic violence survivors face.

"Inspired by a life-skills curriculum created by Street Law, Inc., a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Schwartz-Behar deploy[s] Loyola first- and second-year students to teach domestic violence survivors living in transitional facilities about landlord-tenant legal issues, the legal rights of employers and employees, financial literacy, protective orders and family law concepts...."

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