Monday, April 18, 2022

Google to Receive Street Law's 2022 Corporate Champion Award

Street Law’s 2022 Corporate Champion Award will be presented to Google. Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google’s Vice President and General Counsel, will accept the award on the company’s behalf via a video to be released on Monday, May 2 as part of the 2022 Street Law Awards Celebration. 

The Corporate Champion Award recognizes corporate Street Law partners with an exemplary commitment to making positive change in their communities. The award also honors companies whose employees who have chosen to volunteer their time and other resources in support of Street Law’s mission. 

After receiving curricula and training from Street Law, Google implemented its first Legal Diversity Pipeline Program in 2018 in collaboration with Coliseum College Prep Academy in Oakland, California. Since then, its legal professionals have volunteered to teach hundreds of young people—primarily from under-resourced backgrounds—about everyday legal concepts, while also encouraging them to enter the legal profession.  

Each spring, the technology giant invites participating students to visit its iconic campus and engage in customized legal simulations focusing on its practice areas. This unique hands-on component of Google’s Street Law program affords students the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the law and be inspired by the numerous career opportunities many did not know were available. 

"I am proud to call Google as one of our partners and the recipient of 2022 Street Law's Corporate Champion Award,” says Ashok Regmi, Street Law’s executive director. “Street Law, Inc's programs are about leveraging the power of education to empower all people. Google shares that commitment with us. Our partnership is based on a solid foundation and through their support, we have been able to equip the next generation with the skillsets required to navigate our society. I look forward to many more years of working together.” 

For its outstanding commitment to empowering young people in its community, Google is a deserving recipient of Street Law’s 2022 Corporate Champion Award.