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Parents and the Law

Second edition, 2004

Parents and the Law

Grades 8-12

The Parents and the Law curriculum targets pregnant and parenting young people. It strengthens families and prevents child abuse and neglect through a series of lessons on family law, housing law, consumer law, and essential life skills.

Housed in two three-ring binders, the user-friendly materials can be used by teachers and non-teachers alike. Each lesson plan is laid out step-by-step, including questions for students, teaching strategies, and evaluation tools.

Student materials are provided in both English and Spanish. The 23 lessons can form the curriculum for a separate class, or teachers can select individual lessons to incorporate into existing parenting classes.

Sample Lesson and Table of Contents

If you have already purchased the Parents and the Law manual, your manual references the addenda.  Some manuals came with a CD-ROM containing these items, but newer manuals require you to download these files.  This helps Street Law ensure that you have access to the most current versions of the files.   

(3-ring binder, 2-volume set)

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