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Community College textbook

First Edition, 2011

Community College textbook

Street Law: Understanding Law and Legal Issues is an informative law-based, civic learning text for use in the community college program. The text promotes civic involvement by providing practical information about areas of the law that affect the daily lives of all U.S. residents and activities that develop analytic and advocacy skills.

The text introduces students to fundamental civil, criminal, and constitutional law principles and provides a platform for guided discussion of important public policy issues concerning crime, discrimination, health care, and immigration.

Street Law: Understanding Law and Legal Issues (ISBN: 978-0-07-662405-8) is published by Street Law’s long-time publishing partner, McGraw-Hill Education.

This flexible curriculum adapts to emphasize the priorities of individual campuses. McGraw-Hill Education offers the option of a customized text which includes only the chapters selected by the instructor.

Ordering information

Street Law, Inc. does not sell or distribute review copies of the textbook. To order the text, please contact your local McGraw-Hill sales representative, who can be found here.


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