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Street Law Textbook

Eighth edition, 2010

Street Law Textbook

The 9th edition of the Street Law text will be available summer 2015! Please contact your McGraw-Hill Education sales rep or call 1.800.334.7344 to request a sample copy or place an order.

The 9th edition will be available in both e-book and traditional textbook formats. It has a fresh new design; updated Supreme Court cases and social science data; and new materials on marriage equality, the Affordable Care Act, and intellectual property.

  • Student Edition (ISBN 9780021429257)
  • Student Suite, 6-year subscription (ISBN 9780021426164)
  • Student Suite, 1-year subscription (ISBN 9780021426171)
  • Online Student Edition, 6-year subscription (ISBN 9780021429301)
  • Online Student Edition, 1-year subscription (ISBN 9780021429295)
  • Teacher Manual (ISBN 9780021429288)
  • Online Teacher Center, 6-year subscription (ISBN 9780021453238)
  • Online Teacher Center, 1-year subscription (ISBN 9780021429325)

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Ordering Information

Street Law, Inc. does not sell or distribute review copies of the textbook.  All educators must contact McGraw-Hill Education Group to request a review copy or place an order.  Please follow the specific ordering instructions below, depending on your affinity group.

  • K-12 schools and home-schoolers:  Contact a McGraw-Hill Education Group sales rep at 1.800.334.7344 or visit the E-catalog to make your request electronically. 
  • Colleges/universities:  Contact McGraw-Hill Higher Education customer service at 1.800.338.3987 to place an order or to obtain contact information for the sales representative in your area. 
  • Corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies, and other professional entities:  Contact the Professional Division of McGraw-Hill Education Group at 1.800.722.4726 to place an order or to obtain contact information for the sales representative in your area. 

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