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School Resource Officers

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Street Law for School Resource Officers is an interactive program designed to improve communications and relations between the police and young people.  The curriculum prepares school resource officers to teach legal topics in the classroom.

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Street Law developed this program to prepare school resource officers (SROs) to teach legal topics in the classroom. Involving school-based law enforcement officers in the classroom not only enhances the teaching of law and the legal system, it also improves relationships between officers and high school students. 

Street Law, Inc. offers curriculum and training for school systems or law enforcement departments interested in involving SROs directly in high school social studies or health courses. 

Curriculum: Street Law for School Resource Officers manual

Street Law for School Resource Officers provides a practical understanding of law and the legal system while demonstrating positive interaction between police officers, high school students, and other members of the school and community.  The 15 lesson plans are designed to be co-taught by classroom teachers and school resource officers (school-based police officers).  They are easy to follow and employ interactive strategies that promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

Group discussions and hands-on activities help participants explore the roles and responsibilities of both police officers and members of the community. The result is an open, two-way dialogue that builds:

  • Understanding of the officers' roles in the community;

  • Ability of students and/or community members to voice their concerns;

  • Empathy for the role of the police officers;

  • Awareness of the needs of the public; and

  • Mutual trust between the police and students and/or community members.

Training and professional development

Street Law can design custom training and provide technical assistance to school resource officers.  If your school system or law enforcement department is interested in contracting with Street Law, please contact Lena Morreale Scott.   

This program and curriculum were developed under grant 2003-MU-FX-K049 from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, United States Department of Justice.