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Law School Diversity Pipeline Program

Street Law, Inc.

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Street Law, Inc. and the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) have developed an initiative to address the need for diversity within the law school applicant pool and legal profession at large.  Ten law schools with active Street Law programs are currently participating in the initiative.  These sites have enhanced their practical legal education programs to include diversity pipeline components – to encourage young people of color to pursue legal careers.

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Lee Arbetman

executive director

Megan Hanson

senior program director

Judith Zimmer

deputy director

Law School-Based Street Law Prorams

Many law schools around the country have public legal education, or Street Law, programs in place.  These programs place law students in high schools or other community settings to teach about practical law.  Law students focus on building knowledge and skills among the groups they teach.  For more information, visit the law school-based program pages.

Diversity Pipeline Focus

This program helps the pre-existing Street Law programs at several law schools adapt their approaches as a way to enhance diversity in the legal profession.  The aim is to encourage high school students of color to pursue higher education and legal careers.  Research shows that students are more likely to pursue careers for which they have positive role models, an informed understanding of the pathway to that career, and a sense that they possess the skills necessary to succeed in that career.

Street Law designed a program with ten law schools to add career-focused components to their existing law-school programs where law students teach practical law to high school students.  Through training and technical assistance from Street Law, these programs added lessons, field trips, workshops and other activities designed to teach the high school students about legal careers and career pathways, allow them to participate in skill-building activities, and interact with their partner law students as career role models. 

Resources for Participating Law Schools

Law School Diversity Pipeline Program Curriculum and Handbook

The Curriculum and Handbook has all the resources needed to add a diversity pipeline element to your Street Law program!  Find guides to training, activities, lesson plans, fundraising, evaluation, and more. 

To access the Curriculum, you must first Curriculum and Handbook page to download the entire book or individual lessons and Tip Sheets.

Additional Program Resources

Additional LSAC Resources

Additional Legal Diversity Resources

  • Building a Better Legal Profession - a resource designed by Stanford law students that publishes diversity statistics of large law firms to encourage them to increase their diversity. 
Resources from the American Bar Association
 Other Organizations Focusing on Diversity
  • – The Association of Corporate Counsel is Street Law’s partner in the Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline program (see also
  • – The Minority Corporate Counsel Association advocates hiring, retention and promotion of minority attorneys in corporate legal departments and in the law firms that serve these corporations.  They have a magazine, Diversity and the Bar.
  • – Click on Resource Center at the NALP site for a diversity best practices guide for law firms, and for a description of law firm diversity initiatives (see also
  • – The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund has a variety of pipeline initiatives.