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Street Law, Inc.

Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights


Status: Active


Asociación Educativa y Cultural EDUCRITICA is an association that seeks to create an environment that fosters methods of developing a more democratic, humane, and modern approach to address the needs of our society through education.The Association aims to strengthen civil society by expanding an active citizenship, which can generate developmental alternatives.

Street Law, Inc. is working with Asociación EDUCRITICA to implement topics of deliberation partnerships that pair classrooms in Lima, Peru, with students in Montgomery County, Maryland and Denver, Colorado.



  • Asociación Educativa y Cultural EDUCRITICA
    Henry Zapata                          Alex Murazzo
    Wilder Calla                             Eddy Romero
    Villa El Salvador, Sector 2, Grupo 21A, Mz M, Lote 13
    Perú (código postal 42)
    Phone: 011-511-980-500345

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