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Street Law, Inc.

Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights


Status: Active


The Center of Clinical Legal Education participated in the Building A Network and Open Society Institute/Street Law program from 1997–2002.  The Center collaborated with Street Law, Inc. to develop “Living Law”—a practical law education program for high school students.  A Living Law textbook and teacher manual were developed and 25,000 copies distributed across Russia. 

Russian practical law text

Multiple Russian law schools began Living Law clinics that followed the original Street Law model and placed law students in community settings to teach practical law lessons. 

The staff and teachers Center of Clinical Legal Education at St. Petersburg Institute of Law are leaders in the fields of law-related education and civics, providing training and materials development to all regions of Russia and around Eastern Europe.

The Civic Education Center, located in Moscow, is the leading civics education agency in Russia.  Under the Democracy Education Exchange Project (DEEP) from 2001–2003, the Center greatly increased the number of teachers trained in democracy education in Russia.

The Center now participates in the Deliberating in a Democracy program and coordinates the participation of five schools in Moscow, Russia.  Visit the Moscow section of the Deliberating in a Democracy web site to learn more.

Kaluga Open University also participates in Deliberating in a Democracy and coordinates the participation of ten schools in Kaluga, Russia.  Visit the Kaluga section on the Russia page to learn more.



  • St.Petersburg Institute of Law (Center of Law-Related and Civic Education “Living Law," Center of Clinical Legal Education)
    Arkady Gutnikov, vice president, director of centers
    Victor Prokin, author and trainer
    V.O., Maly Prospect, #34
    Saint-Petersburg, 199178
    Phone: +7-812-323-9070       
    Fax:  +7-812-328-7144

  • The Civic Education Center
    Ms. Tatiana Bolotna, DEEP contact
    Ms. Svetlana Pantyukhima, DID contact
    8-2, Golovinskoye Shosse
    Moscow, 125212
  • Kaluga Open University
    Petr Simonenko
    Kirov St. 29
    Kaluga, 248601

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